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The Journey

After 2 years of sleepless nights, we are pleased to announce that our Kickstarter campaign will be officially launched on

Friday 28th June 2019, 2pm (1400) GMT.

It has been a long journey since the inception of the project idea.

The design has seen multiple modifications and improvements over the course of these 2 years.

The watch case, thickness, finishing, dimensions, dial, hands, crystals, movements, crown, straps etc, every single detail was being carefully taken care of. Let’s not forget about the efforts on the watch box, leather watch roll, warranty card and the unique warranty authentication system. Every single component of the watch is custom developed without using catalog / stock parts from the manufacturers. Although the costs involved is much higher (molding cost, sampling cost, prototyping cost etc), we believe the market does not need another blatant homage of popular watches.

The OPUS is the timepiece that is crafted to be worn and enjoyed. Stay tuned !

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