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About – The Founder

The stories, the experience, the passion.

Hi There! I’m Yook Hong―
The Founder

Since he can remember, Yook Hong has always been intrigued by the art of watch making. Especially by the intricate engineering and the utmost precision and concentration required from both machine and man to produce fine mechanical timepieces.

As this self confessed horology enthusiast grew up, he sought to find out more about mechanical watches, fascinated at how these handmade timepieces are able to keep perfect time with only a small tolerance in deviations. And to do this every day, every week, every month, for years.

He proceeded to compile his own collection of Swiss and Japan mechanical timepieces, one that has grown over the years, driven by a deep admiration of their quality and finesse. He also collected boutique microbrand watches and was even drawn into the exclusive world of the Seiko watch modification community. He modified his first watch shortly after, the Seiko SNZF17 (Sea Urchin), followed by the famed SKX007 and SRP777 (Turtle).

Since then, he’s been modifying Seiko watches for both himself and others. Using different aftermarket parts, he assembles the movement parts, watch case, watch hands and bezels. This has given him an even deeper appreciation of the beauty and elegance of expertly made and designed timepieces.

In the same way luxury car owners customise their high end exotic vehicles to improve their performance, power and aesthetics, watch owners too modify their timepieces to give them a one of a kind appeal that is more refined and polished to their taste. Yook Hong’s remarkable passion for watch making, his understanding of what the market desires and his ability to turn timepieces into personal objects and distinction naturally led to the creation of his brainchild watch brand, ALCADUS.

Featuring a collection of unique pieces inspired by his love for automatic movement and premium components, the brand is a premium yet affordable range of microband dress watches aimed at men of style and distinction.

Yook Hong’s watchmaking passion is one of the most enriching aspects of his life and ALCADUS is his way of sharing his expert knowledge and giving his clientele the opportunity to appreciate the finer things of life without breaking the bank.

He also brings senior corporate experience to the brand, using his extensive marketing and product management background to oversee the business aspects of the brand.

Simplicity is the ultimate Elegance.

– Yook Hong