About Us

Discover the essence of ALCADUS, where we acknowledge your quest for a finely crafted, uniquely designed timepiece. We champion the belief that exceptional watches should be within your reach, irrespective of status.

At ALCADUS, our mission is to put an artfully crafted, understated, and elegant timepiece on your wrist.

Our Promises

Each ALCADUS watch is a testament to meticulous hand finishing and assembly. We are confident you’ll fall in love with our watches; however, if you find yourself less than 100% satisfied within 30 days of purchase, simply return them in their original, unworn condition for a full, no-quibble refund or exchange.

We understand the desire to preserve the pristine beauty of your timepiece, which is why every ALCADUS watch features a special scratch-resistant coating.

Adding an extra layer of assurance, we proudly present our industry-first 4-year Worry-Free Guarantee. Beyond covering mechanical faults of the watch movement, this comprehensive guarantee offers a complimentary watch case replacement for any damage—whether from daily wear or an unexpected accident—ensuring your complete peace of mind. With ALCADUS, revel in the confidence that comes with knowing we’ve got you covered.

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Our Brand Name

altus (adj.) high, deep, noble or profound in Latin.

cadence (n) the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity.

ALCADUS is derived from the word altus and cadence. Elegantly crafted with the highest quality of premium components, every ALCADUS watch is a nod to mechanical know-how, elegant design and the revival of traditional watchmaking. The beating of the mechanical movement inside the watch is what gives lives to our modernist and elegant timepieces.

Our Story

ALCADUS, conceived by Yook Hong, embodies a lifelong fascination with the intricate world of watchmaking. As a self-professed horology enthusiast, Yook Hong delved deeper into the realm of mechanical watches, marvelling at their quality and finesse. 

His journey into the niche world of Seiko watch modification, and a keen understanding of the market’s desires culminated in the creation of ALCADUS, a brand offering a premium yet accessible range of understated and elegant watches.

Since 2018, ALCADUS has served as a vibrant platform for Yook Hong to channel his expertise and creative spirit. It’s been the enthusiastic response from the community that has consistently fueled his drive to develop more exceptional models and designs.