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Production Update

The production of the first batch of OPUS preorder has started since August 2019 and was scheduled to be ready in November 2019. Unfortunately, there were some hiccups and a slight delay is expected. Some updates on the production:

The Dials:

Argent White – The white dial is perfectly manufactured with a shiny lacquered finish.

Jet Black – The black dial is however wrongly manufactured. As you can see in the picture, the black dial is semi matte instead of a shiny lacquered finish. I have instructed the manufacturer to re-do the black dial to the correct specification.

Phantom Gray – The gray dial came out better than expected! Especially the full gray lume of the X1 Grade Super-LumiNova.


Watch Case

The production of the watch case, box sapphire crystals and caseback has completed and nicely finished. There is a special red color portion added on the crown area, this functions as a reminder / warning that the watch crown is not fully screwed (and the water resistance is not guaranteed in this position).

That’s all for the production update this time around and I will share more information when there is any updates. Stay tuned!

Thank you!

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